Huntec ESU-PSU

Description Boomer source. Plates and hydrophones used in conjunction with source vary by field activity. Please refer to specific FAN's supporting documentation for this information.
Active? No
Manufacturer Huntec
Model number ESU-PSU
Device type Underway > Source > Seismic > Seismic source (air guns, boomers, etc.) > Sediment
Data types
Boomer Seismics (Chirp, boomer, Multichannel)
Sub Bottom Profiler Seismics (Chirp, boomer, Multichannel)

Usage of this device

Field activity Center Platforms Activity location and equipment usage description
1992-301-FA SPCMSC Florida Shelf
93LCA01 SPCMSC Kingsley Lake, Orange Lake, Lowry Lake, Florida
94CCT01 SPCMSC Sabine Lake, Neches River, Black Bayou, Gulf of Mexico
94CCT02 SPCMSC South Carolina
94GFP01 SPCMSC Lake Pontchartrain, Lake Maurepas, Louisiana
94LCA01 SPCMSC Orange Lake, Florida
94LCA02 SPCMSC Magnolia Lake, Lowry Lake, St. Johns River, Lake George, Little Lake George, Florida
94LCA03 SPCMSC Lake Monroe, St. Johns River, Florida, Atlantic Ocean
95CCT01 SPCMSC Sabine Pass, Calcasieu Lake, Gulf of Mexico
95GFP01 SPCMSC Lake Pontchartrain, Lake Borgne, Louisiana
95KEY01 SPCMSC Florida Bay, Hawk Channel, Channel Five, Florida
95LCA01 SPCMSC Lake Jessup, St. Johns River, Lake Harney, Lake Harris, Lake Weir, Silver River, Silver Springs, Lochloosa Lake, Florida
95LCA02 SPCMSC Lake Kerr, Lake Como, Lake Juanita, Cow Pond, Lake Dias, Florida
95LCA03 SPCMSC Peace River (west-central Florida, from east of Bartow to east of Wauchula), Florida
96CCT01 SPCMSC Charleston, SC, South Carolina
96FGS01 SPCMSC Atlantic Ocean offshore east-central Florida from Cape Canaveral to south Cocoa Beach, Florida
96GFP01 SPCMSC Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana (Rigotets and Chef Manter Pass, LA and Lake Borgne, LA), Louisiana
96LCA02 SPCMSC Peace River (west-central Florida, from southeast of Wauchula to west of, Florida
96LCA04 SPCMSC Lakes Mabel and Starr, Florida, Florida
97CCT01 SPCMSC South Carolina
97FGS01 SPCMSC Atlantic Ocean offshore east-central Florida from Cape Canaveral to south Cocoa Beach, Florida
97LCA01 SPCMSC Lakes Dosson, Halfmoon, and Round, Florida
97LCA02 SPCMSC Sebastian Inlet, Florida
97LCA03 SPCMSC Indian River Lagoon, Florida
98GFP02 SPCMSC Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana
99ASR01 SPCMSC Lake Okeechobee, Florida, Florida
99FGS01 SPCMSC Atlantic Ocean (Orchid to Jupiter, FL), Florida
99FGS02 SPCMSC Gulf of Mexico (Venice, FL)
99LCA01 SPCMSC Crescent Beach Spring, Florida, Florida
99SCE01 SPCMSC Nearshore Region between Little River Inlet and Winyah Bay, South Carolina