Ashtech ProFlex 500 GNSS Receiver

Description Designed by our GNSS experts, the new ProFlex 500 is a powerful positioning solution that delivers state-of-the-art RTK features in a rugged, highly integrated receiver design. Embedded BLADEā„¢ technology ensures powerful RTK performance and a patented way to use multiple GNSS constellations for high-accuracy positioning and surveying solutions. The ProFlex 500 works as either a base or a rover and is available in a variety of configurations from L1 DGPS up to L1/L2 GPS+GLONASS+SBAS, with different application packages to adapt to various customer needs.
Active? Yes
Manufacturer Ashtech
Model number ProFlex 500
Device type Underway > Measure > Integrated Motion and Positioning > Vehicle motion/attitude
Feature type
Name Time Duration Line
Description ship transit, ROV track, trawls, drifters
Type line
Data types
Benchmarks Location/Elevation (Profiles, Navigation, Benchmarks, LIDAR)
Navigation Location/Elevation (Profiles, Navigation, Benchmarks, LIDAR)

Usage of this device

Field activity Center Platforms Activity location and equipment usage description
13BIM04 SPCMSC Northern Chandeleur Islands, LA
13BIM08 SPCMSC Chandeleur Islands, LA
2015-317-FA SPCMSC Chandeleur Islands, LA
Type ID Access Name Description
Dataset 26934 Public Single-beam tracklines, R/V Sallenger
2015-320-FA SPCMSC Point Au Fer, LA
2015-326-FA SPCMSC Dauphin Island, Alabama, Gulf of Mexico
2016-335-FA SPCMSC Chandeleur Islands, LA, Gulf of Mexico
2016-338-FA SPCMSC Leg 1: Eastern Chenier Plain and Marsh Island
2016-339-FA SPCMSC Leg 2: Western Chenier Plain
2016-352-FA SPCMSC Fire Island, NY
Type ID Access Name Description
Dataset 27176 Public Breach shoreline data (.shp)
Dataset 27174 Public Cross-shore profile data (.xlsx, .csv)
Dataset 27175 Public MHW shoreline data (.shp)
2016-365-FA SPCMSC Hutchinson Island (FL) to VA/MD border. 23 sites are spaced out along the coastline at ~50 mile increments.
2017-304-FA SPCMSC Fire Island, NY
2017-322-FA SPCMSC Biscayne Bay and Lower Keys
2017-323-FA SPCMSC Leg 1: Eastern Chenier Plain and Marsh Island
2017-324-FA SPCMSC Leg 2: Western Chenier Plain
2017-344-FA SPCMSC Fire Island, NY
2018-322-FA SPCMSC Fire Island National Seashore, Long Island, NY
2018-323-FA SPCMSC 7 Mile Island, New Jersey
2018-324-FA SPCMSC Rockaway Beach, New York