C-Boom Low Voltage Boomer (LVB)

Active? Yes
Device type Underway > Source > Seismic > Seismic source (air guns, boomers, etc.) > Sediment
Data types
Boomer Seismics (Chirp, boomer, Multichannel)

Usage of this device

Field activity Center Platforms Activity location and equipment usage description
03LCA01 SPCMSC Silver River, Silver Springs, Ocklawaha River, Ocklawaha Lake, Santa Fe Lake, Melrose Bay, Little Santa Fe Lake, FL
03USF01 SPCMSC Tampa Bay, Florida
04FGS01 SPCMSC St. Augustine, FL; Atlantic offshore NE fl (Duval, St Johns, Flogler counties)
08LCA01 SPCMSC Central Florida Lakes
08LCA03 SPCMSC Central Florida Lakes
10LCA01 SPCMSC Lake Arbuckle, FL
11OFA03 SPCMSC Carrituck Sound, NC
11TST05 SPCMSC Tampa Bay, FL