Description 3.5 khz micro profiler
Active? No
Device type Underway > Measure > Reflection > Seismic reflection receiver (hydrophones, etc.) > Sediment
Feature type
Name Profile line
Description Bathy, seismic, and other accoustic methods
Type line
Data types
Sub Bottom Profiler Seismics (Chirp, boomer, Multichannel)

Usage of this device

Field activity Center Platforms Activity location and equipment usage description
1983-012-FA WHCMSC Kingman Island
1988-020-FA WHCMSC California
2010-602-FA PCMSC Arctic Ocean
2010-602-FA PCMSC Arctic Ocean
2015-622-FA PCMSC SE Alaska and NW Canada, Pacific Ocean
2019-642-FA PCMSC South Central California
A103SC PCMSC from shore out to 50 nautical miles.
A172MW PCMSC Minnesota
A176WG PCMSC Western Gulf of Alaska
A180AR PCMSC Beaufort Sea
A2187LA PCMSC North Atlantic
A284WF PCMSC Juan De Fuca
B1372NP PCMSC Northern Pacific
B169NC PCMSC Northern California
B170NP PCMSC Northern Pacific
B172GA PCMSC Gulf of Alaska
B172NP PCMSC Northern Pacific
B173MS PCMSC West Calabrian Margin
B175MS PCMSC Mediterranean Sea
B176NP PCMSC Northern Pacific
B179MS PCMSC Gulf of Taranto
B180MS PCMSC Gulf of Taranto
B181MS PCMSC Gulf of Taranto
B182MS PCMSC Gulf of Taranto
B185MS PCMSC Mediterranean Sea
B276NP PCMSC Japan
C0797WO PCMSC Oregon-Washington Shelf
C1065IN PCMSC Saudi Arabia
C1068NP PCMSC Hawaii
C1078NA PCMSC Bermuda
C1165RS PCMSC Egypt
C1173SA PCMSC Brazil
C1265MS PCMSC England
C1365NA PCMSC New York
C1374SP PCMSC Tahiti
C165NA PCMSC Jamaica
C1669IN PCMSC Malaysia
C175EG PCMSC Eastern Gulf of Alaska
C1969NP PCMSC Hakodate, Japan
C2069NP PCMSC North Pacific Ocean
C266SA PCMSC Argentina
C269HW PCMSC Hawaii
C271SP PCMSC Chile
C273NA PCMSC Ivory Coast
C275SP PCMSC Chile
C467IN PCMSC Mauritiu
C564SP PCMSC New Zealand
C571NP PCMSC Alaska
C575CB PCMSC Panama
C665SP PCMSC Tasmania
C672SA PCMSC Argentina
C676NA PCMSC Puerto Rico
C678SA PCMSC Chile
C764CB PCMSC Puerto Rico
C771NP PCMSC British Columbia
C772SA PCMSC Brazil
C774IN PCMSC India
C866NP PCMSC Northern Pacific
C867NP PCMSC Alaska
C872SA PCMSC Brazil
C874IN PCMSC Ceylon
C968NP PCMSC Alaska
C974IN PCMSC Malaya
C978CB PCMSC Puerto Rico
D179EG PCMSC Eastern Gulf of Alaska
D180EG PCMSC Eastern Gulf of Alaska
D181EG PCMSC Eastern Gulf of Alaska
D181WG PCMSC Western Gulf of Alaska
D185AR PCMSC Chukchi Sea
D279EG PCMSC Eastern Gulf of Alaska
D280EG PCMSC Eastern Gulf of Alaska
D281BS PCMSC Alaska
D370SC PCMSC Southern California
D380WG PCMSC Western Gulf of Alaska
D381BS PCMSC Alaska
D480BS PCMSC Alaska
D481NS PCMSC Alaska
D580BS PCMSC Alaska
E1094BS PCMSC Chukchi Sea
E1494WO PCMSC Central Oregon
E1594SC PCMSC Onshore/offshre Mojave Desert-Los Angeles Basin-San Clemente Island
E294NC PCMSC Northern California
E794NC PCMSC northern California
F-01-89-NC PCMSC Farallons, Northern California
F1088HW PCMSC Hawaii
F1089CP PCMSC Central Pacific
F1091HW PCMSC Central Pacific
F1188HW PCMSC Hawaii
F1189CP PCMSC Central Pacific
F1190CP PCMSC Central Pacific
F1191HW PCMSC Hawaii
F1288NC PCMSC Northern California Shelf
F1289HW PCMSC Hawaii
F1291HW PCMSC Hawaii
F1388NC PCMSC Point Sal, California
F1389HW PCMSC Hawaii
F1390CP PCMSC Necker Ridge
F184SC PCMSC Southern California
F186GA PCMSC Gulf of Alaska
F187BS PCMSC Aleutian Basin
F188SC PCMSC Southern California
F189NC PCMSC Northern California
F190HW PCMSC Hawaii
F191CP PCMSC Sector #2
F284NC PCMSC Northern California
F286BS PCMSC Bering Sea
F287AA PCMSC Aleutian Arc
F288HW PCMSC Hawaii
F289NC PCMSC Northern California
F290HW PCMSC Hawaii
F291CP PCMSC Sector #3
F292SC PCMSC Central California
F384NC PCMSC Northern California
F386BS PCMSC Bering Sea
F387AA PCMSC West-central Aleutian Trench
F388HW PCMSC Hawaii
F389SC PCMSC Monterey Bay
F391CP PCMSC Palmyra Sector #1
F392SC PCMSC Southern California
F484WO PCMSC Oregon
F486BS PCMSC Alaska
F488HW PCMSC Hawaii
F489NC PCMSC Northern California
F491CP PCMSC Central Pacific
F492SC PCMSC Southern California
F586HW PCMSC Hawaii
F587SC PCMSC Southern California
F588HW PCMSC Hawaii
F589PW PCMSC Alaska
F591CP PCMSC Central Pacific
F592SC PCMSC Southern California
F686HW PCMSC Hawaii
F687NC PCMSC Northern California
F688HW PCMSC Hawaii
F689GA PCMSC Gulf of Alaska
F690SC PCMSC southern California
F691CP PCMSC Gloria Hawaii #6
F786HW PCMSC Hawaii
F787SC PCMSC Southern California
F788AA PCMSC Alaska
F789EG PCMSC Eastern Gulf of Alaska
F790NC PCMSC Northern California
F791WP PCMSC Palau
F888AA PCMSC Alaska
F889NC PCMSC Northern California
F890NC PCMSC Northern California;
F891CP PCMSC Central Pacific
F988WG PCMSC Western Gulf of Alaska
F989NC PCMSC Northern California
F990CP PCMSC Central Pacific
F991CP PCMSC Central Pacific
G176WG PCMSC Western Gulf of Alaska
G177EG PCMSC Eastern Gulf of Alaska
G186MS PCMSC Gulf of Cadiz
G197BS PCMSC Alaska
G388MS PCMSC Gulf of Cadiz
G485MS PCMSC near San Carlos de Larapita
G6478MX PCMSC Gulf of California, Mexico
G6578MX PCMSC Mexico
G6879CP PCMSC Central America, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans
G6979CP PCMSC Central Pacific
G7580AT PCMSC Atlantic Ocean
H169BS PCMSC Alaska
I790AT PCMSC Atlantic Ocean
J185MB PCMSC California
J391SF PCMSC San Francisco Bay
J399SF PCMSC San Francisco Bay
J598SF PCMSC California
K169GM PCMSC Gulf of Mexico
K172CP PCMSC Hawaii to Fiji
K181HW PCMSC Hawaii
K183AR PCMSC Arctic
K183NP PCMSC North Pacific
K190GB PCMSC Alaska
K194HW PCMSC Hawaii
K283NP PCMSC North Pacific
K290RB PCMSC Alaska
K294HW PCMSC United States of America
K390PW PCMSC Alaska
K584NP PCMSC Northern Pacific
K677HW PCMSC Hawaiian Ridge
L1076HW PCMSC San Francisco to Hawaii
L1077BS PCMSC Alaska
L1078NC PCMSC Northern California
L1080NP PCMSC Northern Pacific
L1081AA PCMSC Alaska
L1082BS PCMSC Alaska
L1180WO PCMSC Washington and Oregon
L1181WF PCMSC Juan de Fuca
L1182CS PCMSC Alaska
L1280WF PCMSC Juan de Fuca
L1281NP PCMSC North Pacific Ocean
L1282WG PCMSC Western Gulf of Alaska
L1380NP PCMSC Northern Pacific
L1381NC PCMSC Northern California
L1382WF PCMSC Juan de Fuca
L1480NC PCMSC Northern California
L175NC PCMSC Central California Shelf
L176MX PCMSC Baja California
L177NC PCMSC Northern California
L178SC PCMSC Southern California
L179NC PCMSC Northern California
L180NC PCMSC Northern California
L181NC PCMSC Northern California
L183WF PCMSC Juan de Fuca
L184AN PCMSC Antarctica
L185NC PCMSC Northern California
L186NC PCMSC Northern California
L191NC PCMSC San Francisco Bay
L275NP PCMSC Gulf of Alaska
L276SC PCMSC Southern California
L277NC PCMSC Northern California
L279NC PCMSC Northern California
L280NC PCMSC Northern California
L281SC PCMSC Southern California
L282NC PCMSC Northern California
L283NC PCMSC Northern California
L284AN PCMSC Antarctica
L285NC PCMSC Northern California
L286NC PCMSC Northern California
L290NC PCMSC Northern California
L2A78SC PCMSC Southern California
L2B78SC PCMSC Southern California
L375NC PCMSC Northern California
L376WO PCMSC British Columbia
L378EG PCMSC Eastern Gulf of Alaska
L379SC PCMSC Southern California
L380NP PCMSC North Pacific
L382NC PCMSC Northern California
L383WF PCMSC Juan de Fuca
L384SP PCMSC Southern Pacific
L385NC PCMSC Northern California
L386NC PCMSC Northern California
L390NC PCMSC Central California
L3A81NC PCMSC Northern California
L475BS PCMSC Alaska
L476WG PCMSC Western Gulf of Alaska
L477NC PCMSC Northern California
L478BS PCMSC Alaska
L479SC PCMSC Southern California
L480WG PCMSC Western Gulf of Alaska
L481NC PCMSC Northern California
L482NP PCMSC Low-energy abyssal hill areas midway between San Franciso and Hawaii
L483BS PCMSC Alaska
L484SP PCMSC Southern Pacific
L485WF PCMSC Juan de Fuca
L486NC PCMSC Northern California
L490SC PCMSC Southern California
L575NP PCMSC Northeast Pacific from Dutch Harbor to San Francisco
L576BS PCMSC Southern Bering Sea Shelf
L577WO PCMSC Washington-Oregon
L578BS PCMSC Alaska
L580AA PCMSC Alaska
L581NC PCMSC Northern California
L582SP PCMSC Southern Pacific
L583HW PCMSC Kingman Island
L584SP PCMSC Southern Pacific
L585NC PCMSC Northern California
L5A79NC PCMSC Northern California
L5B79NC PCMSC Northern California
L676AR PCMSC Arctic
L677EG PCMSC Eastern Gulf of Alaska
L678AR PCMSC Arctic
L680BS PCMSC Alaska
L681NP PCMSC Northern Pacific
L682SP PCMSC Vanuatu
L683SP PCMSC Southern Pacific
L684SP PCMSC Solomon Islands
L685NC PCMSC Northern California
L776BS PCMSC Alaska
L777WG PCMSC Western Gulf of Alaska
L778AA PCMSC Aleutian Arc
L780BS PCMSC Alaska
L781WG PCMSC Western Gulf of Alaska
L782SP PCMSC Solomon Islands
L783SP PCMSC Continental margin off Eastern North Island and Hikurangi Trough, New Zealand
L784SP PCMSC Southern Pacific
L785NC PCMSC Northern California
L876NP PCMSC Northern Pacific
L877BS PCMSC Alaska
L878NP PCMSC Northern Pacific
L880AR PCMSC Arctic
L881WG PCMSC Western Gulf of Alaska
L882NP PCMSC Northern Pacific
L884SP PCMSC Southern Pacific
L976HW PCMSC Hawaii
L977AR PCMSC Arctic
L978HW PCMSC Hawaii
L980BS PCMSC Alaska
L981AA PCMSC Alaska
L982BS PCMSC Alaska
M168CP PCMSC Central Pacific
M174NP PCMSC Northern Pacific
M183NP PCMSC North Pacific
M197WO PCMSC Southwest Washington Inner Shelf
M470SC PCMSC Southern California
M497MB PCMSC Monterey Bay Sanctuary
M677NP PCMSC Northern Pacific
N180EG PCMSC Eastern Gulf of Alaska
N197MW PCMSC Michigan
O170SC PCMSC Laguna-San Onofre
O198WP PCMSC Federated States of Micronesia
O299SC PCMSC California
O499MB PCMSC California
P102SC PCMSC between Point Arguello and Point Conception
P109AR PCMSC Beaufort Sea, Arctic Ocean
P182GM PCMSC Gulf of Mexico
P183GM PCMSC Gulf of Mexico
P188NC PCMSC Northern California
P192AR PCMSC Chukchi Continental Borderland
P197MB PCMSC Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary
P279SC PCMSC Southern California
P295MB PCMSC California
Q196GB PCMSC Glacier Bay National Park
Q197GB PCMSC Alaska
R187AN PCMSC Antarctica
R188AN PCMSC Antarctica
S1078WG PCMSC Western Gulf of Alaska
S1079EG PCMSC Eastern Gulf of Alaska
S1178WG PCMSC Western Gulf of Alaska
S1179EG PCMSC Eastern Gulf of Alaska
S1278NC PCMSC Oregon
S1379NC PCMSC Northern California
S1479NC PCMSC Northern California
S1579NC PCMSC Northern California
S172NP PCMSC Washington, Northern Pacific
S175EG PCMSC Eastern Gulf of Alaska
S176EG PCMSC Eastern Gulf of Alaska
S177WG PCMSC Western Gulf of Alaska
S178SC PCMSC Southern California
S179MX PCMSC Mexico
S179WG PCMSC Western Gulf of Alaska
S180SC PCMSC Southern California
S180WG PCMSC Western Gulf of Alaska
S184CS PCMSC Alaska
S197SC PCMSC California
S275EG PCMSC Eastern Gulf of Alaska
S276WG PCMSC Western Gulf of Alaska
S277EG PCMSC Eastern Gulf of Alaska
S278SC PCMSC Southern California
S280BS PCMSC Bering Sea
S2A79SC PCMSC Southern California
S2B79SC PCMSC Southern California
S375EG PCMSC Eastern Gulf of Alaska
S376WG PCMSC Western Gulf of Alaska
S377BS PCMSC Alaska
S378SC PCMSC Southern California
S379SC PCMSC Southern California
S476BS PCMSC Alaska
S477BS PCMSC Bering Sea
S478NC PCMSC Northern California
S479NC PCMSC Northern California
S576BS PCMSC Northern Bering Sea
S577BS PCMSC Alaska
S578EG PCMSC Eastern Gulf of Alaska
S579EG PCMSC Northeast Gulf of Alaska
S5A79NC PCMSC Northern California
S5B79NC PCMSC Northern California
S5C79NC PCMSC Northern California
S677BS PCMSC Alaska
S678EG PCMSC Eastern Gulf of Alaska
S679NP PCMSC Northern Pacific
S777WG PCMSC Western Gulf of Alaska
S778WG PCMSC Western Gulf of Alaska
S779WG PCMSC Western Gulf of Alaska
S877EG PCMSC Eastern Gulf of Alaska
S878WG PCMSC Western Gulf of Alaska
S8A79WG PCMSC Western Gulf of Alaska
S8B79WG PCMSC Western Gulf of Alaska
S977NC PCMSC Northern California
S978BS PCMSC Bering Sea
S979WG PCMSC Western Gulf of Alaska
T174EG PCMSC Northern Gulf of Alaska
T198GB PCMSC Alaska
T274EG PCMSC Eastern Gulf of Alaska
V180NC PCMSC Northern California
V181SC PCMSC Southern California
V477WP PCMSC Western Pacific
W177SC PCMSC Southern California
W179WG PCMSC Shelikof Straits
W382NC PCMSC Northern California
Y196SC PCMSC Southern California