Red Green Blue (RGB) Digital Camera

Active? Yes
Device type Remote sensing > Sample > Aerial camera > Aerial camera > Sediment
Feature type
Name Profile line
Description Bathy, seismic, and other accoustic methods
Type line
Data types
Other Imagery Imagery (Photo, Video)

Usage of this device

Field activity Center Platforms Activity location and equipment usage description
08LTS02 SPCMSC Lower Atchafalaya Basin, LA
09LBR01 SPCMSC Klamath River, CA
09LBR02 SPCMSC Trinity River, CA
09LTS01 SPCMSC Fire Island, NY and Gateway, NJ
10LBR01 SPCMSC Salisbury, MD
10LBS01 SPCMSC Buzzards Bay, MA
10LTS02 SPCMSC Assateague Island National Seashore MD
10LTS03 SPCMSC Dauphin Island, AL Chandeleur Islands, LA and Oil Spill Sand Berm
10LTS04 SPCMSC Chandeleur Islands, LA and Oil Spill Sand Berm
11LTS01 SPCMSC Chandeleur Islands, LA and surrounding barrier sand berm.
12LBR01 SPCMSC Idaho
12LBR02 SPCMSC Delaware River (from Delaware to New Jersey)
12LBS01 SPCMSC U.S. Virgin Islands (Coastal areas of St. Thomas and Buck Island)
12LBS02 SPCMSC Barnegat Bay, NJ
12LTS02 SPCMSC Chandeleur Islands, LA
12LTS03 SPCMSC Pre-Hurricane Sandy coastal NJ
12LTS04 SPCMSC Post-Hurricane Sandy coastal NJ
13LTS02 SPCMSC Big Thicket National Preserve (BITH), Texas
13LTS03 SPCMSC Fire Island NY; Long Island Sound NY
13LTS05 SPCMSC Suncook NH
14CNT03 SPCMSC U.S. Virgin Islands
14LTS01 SPCMSC Breton Island LA
2014-316-FA SPCMSC Fie Island, NY
2016-369-DD SPCMSC Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida Panhandle Coastline