Digital Video

Active? Yes
Device type Underway > Sample > Video > Video > Sediment/Biology
Feature type
Name Video
Type line
Data types
Video Imagery (Photo, Video)

Usage of this device

Field activity Center Platforms Activity location and equipment usage description
05CCH01 SPCMSC Panama City, FL, To Mobile Bay, FL
05CCH02 SPCMSC Northern Gulf of Mexico
07CCH01 SPCMSC Chandeleurs Islands, LA and and Dauphin Island, AL
07FSH01 SPCMSC Offshore Sarasota, FL
08ACH01 SPCMSC North Carolina
08ACH02 SPCMSC Gulf Coast Barrier Islands
08ACH04 SPCMSC Chandeleur and Central Barrier Islands, LA
08ACH06 SPCMSC Alabama, Lousiana and Texas Coasts
10CCH01 SPCMSC Chandeleur Islands, LA and Dauphin Island, AL
11OFA02 SPCMSC Tropical Mid-Atlantic Ridge
13CCT05 SPCMSC Ft. DeSoto, FL
Type ID Access Name Description
Dataset 23794 Public 0_5Meter Published GoPro Videos deployments in .5 meter water depth
Dataset 23795 Public SwashZone Published GoPro Video, deployments in the swash zone
13DCM01 SPCMSC Mid-atlantic canyons
2015-325-FA SPCMSC Sombrero, Tennessee, and Crocker Reefs, Florida Keys
2015-343-FA SPCMSC Madeira Beach and Sunset Beach, Florida
2015-348-FA SPCMSC Sunset Beach, Florida
2016-310-FA SPCMSC Sunset Beach, Florida
2016-315-FA SPCMSC Sunset Beach, Florida
2016-318-FA SPCMSC Pacific Panama, Tropical Easter Pacific
2016-343-FA SPCMSC Sunset Beach, FL
2016-353-FA SPCMSC Sunset Beach, FL
2016-364-DD SPCMSC Naval Research Laboratory
2017-301-FA SPCMSC Pacific Panama, Tropical Eastern Pacific
2017-329-FA SPCMSC Naval Research Laboratory
2017-343-FA SPCMSC Pacific Panama
2018-303-FA SPCMSC Pacific Panama, Tropical Eastern Pacific
2018-340-FA SPCMSC Dry Tortugas National Park
2019-337-FA SPCMSC Dry Tortugas National Park
2022-330-FA SPCMSC Isla Verde and Dorado, Puerto Rico