Valeport Mini Sound Velocity Probe

Active? No
Manufacturer Valeport
Device type Stationary > Measure > Velocimeter > Sound velocity > Water
Feature type
Name Instant Point
Description fixed x,y,t changing z - CTD,SVP,XBT, tide gauge, samples
Type point
Data types
Sound Velocity Sonar (Bathymetry, Sidescan)

Usage of this device

Field activity Center Platforms Activity location and equipment usage description
10BIM04 SPCMSC MS Barrier Islands
11BIM02 SPCMSC LA Barrier Islands
12BIM04 SPCMSC Chandeleur Islands, LA
12TST01 SPCMSC Tampa Bay
13BIM02 SPCMSC Northern Chandeleur Islands, LA
13CCT04 SPCMSC Petit Bois Pass, MS
2016-338-FA SPCMSC Leg 1: Eastern Chenier Plain and Marsh Island
2016-339-FA SPCMSC Leg 2: Western Chenier Plain