G.O. Sars

Status Active
Description RV “G.O. Sars” was delivered in 2003 and is owned by the Institute of Marine Research (75%) and the University of Bergen (25%). The main operating areas are the Barents Sea, the Norwegian Sea and the North Sea. The vessel has also carried out trips to the Mid Atlantic ridge and to the Antarctic. “G.O. Sars” is equipped for all types of marine research and can handle ROV Ægir 6000, AUV Hugin and Calypso giant piston corer.
URL https://www.hi.no/en/hi/about-us/facilities/our-vessels/g.o.-sars
Platform type Vessel > Class 3 > Class 3 boats are longer than 40 feet.
USGS Center USGS, Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center (PCMSC)
Nordnesgaten 50 NO-5005 Bergen, Norway
+47 55 23 85 00

Usage of this platform

Field activity Center Survey location and description
2019-624-FA PCMSC Arctic Mid Atlantic Ridge