Weatherbird II

Status Active
Photo Photograph of the platform
Description Length: 115 feet; Beam: 28 feet.
Platform type Vessel > Class 3 > Class 3 boats are longer than 40 feet.
USGS Center USGS, Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center (WHCMSC)
University of South Florida
Tampa, FL

Usage of this platform

Field activity Center Survey location and description
11BHM01 SPCMSC Offshore transect from Panama City to De Soto Canyon, FL and from Mobile Bay, AL to De Soto Canyon. Also transects from De Soto Canyon to St. Petersburg.
12BHM03 SPCMSC Gulf of Mexico
13BHM02 SPCMSC Gulf of Mexico, vicinity of Pensacola
2005-045-FA WHCMSC Puerto Rico trench, North America, North Atlantic;
2014-319-FA SPCMSC West Florida shelf vic. De Soto Canyon
2018-360-FA SPCMSC 60 miles offshore of Tampa Bay
2020-305-FA SPCMSC C12 Offshore Comps Buoy (Gulf of Mexico)