Status Active
Photo Photograph of the platform
Platform type Aircraft > Airplane > A small airplane
USGS Center USGS, St. Petersburg Coastal and Marine Science Center (SPCMSC)

Usage of this platform

Field activity Center Survey location and description
00LTS01 SPCMSC East coast US, NC, SC, and VA
00LTS02 SPCMSC Cape Hatteras, North Carolina
00LTS04 SPCMSC East Coast US
00LTS05 SPCMSC Virginia, Maryland and Delaware
00LTS06 SPCMSC Puerto Rico
01ACH01 SPCMSC Texas and Louisiana
01LTS01 SPCMSC Virginia
01LTS02 SPCMSC Northern Gulf of Mexico
01LTS05 SPCMSC Assateague Island, North Carolina
01LTS07 SPCMSC Biscayne National Park, Florida Keys
01LTS08 SPCMSC Calvert Cliffs MD
01LTS09 SPCMSC West Virginia
02LTS01 SPCMSC Virginia and Maryland
02LTS06 SPCMSC Florida
02LTS07 SPCMSC Florida Keys
02LTS08 SPCMSC Tampa Bay FL
02LTS09 SPCMSC Assateague Island (VA-MD border); Fire Island, NY; Cape Cod, MA
02LTS10 SPCMSC Platte River NE
02LTS11 SPCMSC Delaware Water Gap
03CCH01 SPCMSC North Carolina and Virginia
03LTS01 SPCMSC North Carolina and Virginia
03LTS03 SPCMSC Virgin Islands
03LTS04 SPCMSC Tampa Bay FL; Fort Myers FL
03LTS05 SPCMSC Assateague Island (VA-MD border)
03LTS06 SPCMSC Morgan Creek MD
03LTS07 SPCMSC Delaware
03LTS08 SPCMSC Delaware to North Carolina
03LTS09 SPCMSC Assateague Island (VA-MD border)
03LTS10 SPCMSC Prime Hook DE
04ACH02 SPCMSC Atlantic coast of Florida
04ACH03 SPCMSC Florida panhandle
04ACH04 SPCMSC Atlantic coast of Florida
04CCH01 SPCMSC Florida
04LTS01 SPCMSC Florida
04LTS02 SPCMSC Florida
04LTS03 SPCMSC Alabama, Mississippi and Florida
04LTS04 SPCMSC Florida
04LTS05 SPCMSC Dry Tortugas National Park
04LTS06 SPCMSC Assateague Island, Maryland and Virginia
04LTS07 SPCMSC Bombay Hook DE
04LTS08 SPCMSC Florida
04LTS09 SPCMSC Bombay Hook DE; Prime Hook DE
04LTS10 SPCMSC Georgia, South Carolina
04LTS11 SPCMSC Maryland
04LTS12 SPCMSC Idaho
05CCH01 SPCMSC Panama City, FL, To Mobile Bay, FL
05CCH02 SPCMSC Northern Gulf of Mexico
05CCH03 SPCMSC Chandeleur Islands, to Bolivar Peninsula, TX
05CCH04 SPCMSC Panama City, FL, to the Chandeleur Islands, and the Mississippi Mainland
05CCH05 SPCMSC Lostman's Key to Anclote Key, FL
05LTS05 SPCMSC Northern Gulf of Mexico
05LTS06 SPCMSC Texas and Louisiana
05LTS07 SPCMSC Texas, Padre Island
05LTS08 SPCMSC Delaware
05LTS09 SPCMSC Nevada
05LTS10 SPCMSC Nebraska
05LTS11 SPCMSC Eggharbor NJ
05LTS12 SPCMSC Assateague Island (VA-MD border); DE
06ACH01 SPCMSC Gulf coast
06LTS02 SPCMSC Northern Gulf of Mexico
06LTS04 SPCMSC Northern Gulf of Mexico
06LTS05 SPCMSC Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary
06LTS06 SPCMSC New Jersey
06LTS07 SPCMSC Tampa Bay FL
07CCH02 SPCMSC NE Coastal
07CCH03 SPCMSC NE Coastal
07LTS02 SPCMSC St. Bernard in LA, Harrison and Jackson in MS, Mobile and Baldwin in AL, and Escambia and Santa Rosa in FL
07LTS04 SPCMSC Cape Charles VA
07LVI01 SPCMSC Vicksburg National Park, MS
08ACH02 SPCMSC Gulf Coast Barrier Islands
08ACH03 SPCMSC Chandeleur Islands, LA, Santa Rosa Island, FL, and Dauphin Island, AL
08ACH04 SPCMSC Chandeleur and Central Barrier Islands, LA
08ACH05 SPCMSC Texas Coastline
08ACH06 SPCMSC Alabama, Lousiana and Texas Coasts
08CCH02 SPCMSC Hurricane Gustav
08CCH03 SPCMSC Hurricane Ike
08LTS01 SPCMSC Southern LA
08LTS02 SPCMSC Lower Atchafalaya Basin, LA
08LTS03 SPCMSC Vicksburg Natchez Trace
08LTS05 SPCMSC Assateague Island
08LTS06 SPCMSC Murderkill River, Delaware
08LTS07 SPCMSC Murderkill River, Delaware
09ACH01 SPCMSC Eastern Coast
09CWM02 SPCMSC Waccasassa Bay, Levy County, FL
09LBR01 SPCMSC Klamath River, CA
09LBR02 SPCMSC Trinity River, CA
09LTS01 SPCMSC Fire Island, NY and Gateway, NJ
10CCH01 SPCMSC Chandeleur Islands, LA and Dauphin Island, AL
10CCH02 SPCMSC Chandeleurs and Breton Islands, LA
10LME01 SPCMSC Cape Sable to Lower Suwannee River, FL
10LME02 SPCMSC St. Petersburg to Key West, FL
11ACH01 SPCMSC Coastal North Carolina to Florida
11CCH01 SPCMSC Chandeleurs and Breton Islands, LA
11CCH02 SPCMSC Chandeleur Islands, Louisiana and Alabama/Mississippi Barrier Islands
11CCH03 SPCMSC St Augustine, FL to NC/SC boarder
11CCH04 SPCMSC Cape Lookout. NC to Norfolk, VA
11LGC01 SPCMSC Chandeleur Islands, LA
11LTS01 SPCMSC Chandeleur Islands, LA and surrounding barrier sand berm.
12CCH01 SPCMSC Chandeleur Islands, LA, Dauphin Island, AL, Mississippi Barrier Island, MS, Pensacola Beach, FL
12CCH02 SPCMSC Northern Gulf of Mexico
12CCH03 SPCMSC Northern Gulf of Mexico
12CCH04 SPCMSC Northeast, Impact zone of Hurricane Sandy
12LBR02 SPCMSC Delaware River (from Delaware to New Jersey)
12LBS01 SPCMSC U.S. Virgin Islands (Coastal areas of St. Thomas and Buck Island)
12LBS02 SPCMSC Barnegat Bay, NJ
12LGC01 SPCMSC Chandeleur Islands, LA
12LTS02 SPCMSC Chandeleur Islands, LA
12LTS03 SPCMSC Pre-Hurricane Sandy coastal NJ
12LTS04 SPCMSC Post-Hurricane Sandy coastal NJ
13CCH07 SPCMSC Northern Gulf of Mexico
13LTS01 SPCMSC Chandeleur Islands & Berm, Louisiana
13LTS02 SPCMSC Big Thicket National Preserve (BITH), Texas
13LTS03 SPCMSC Fire Island NY; Long Island Sound NY
13LTS05 SPCMSC Suncook NH
14LTS01 SPCMSC Breton Island LA
1985-300-FA SPCMSC Grand Isle, Louisiana
1986-300-FA SPCMSC Chandeleur Islands, Louisiana
2009-040-FA WHCMSC eastern U.S. coastline from Cape Elizabeth, Maine to the Virginia/North Carolina border, United States, North America, North Atlantic;
2014-304-FA SPCMSC St. Petersburg, Ft. Lauderdale, Marathon and Cape Canaveral, FL
2014-316-FA SPCMSC Fie Island, NY
2014-326-FA SPCMSC Navarre, FL to Breton Island, LA
2014-327-FA SPCMSC Key Largo, FL to FL/GA border
2014-330-FA SPCMSC Montauk, NY to the NC/VA border
2014-664-FA PCMSC Puget Sound, WA
2015-335-FA SPCMSC Navarre Beach, FL, to Breton Island, LA
2015-338-FA SPCMSC Montauk Point, NY to NC/SC Border
2015-686-FA PCMSC Monterey Bay, California, United States, Pacific Ocean
2016-316-FA SPCMSC SC/NC Border to Montauk Point, NY
2016-354-FA SPCMSC Navarre, FL Gulf Barrier Islands, Dauphin Island, Petit Bois Island, Ship Island, Horn Islands, Cat Island, Chandeleur Islands, Breton Island.
2016-360-FA SPCMSC St Lucie, FL, to NC/VA Line.
2016-614-FA PCMSC Monterey Bay, California, United States, Pacific Ocean
2016-645-FA PCMSC Coastal bluffs of Barter Island N-slope Alaska
2016-658-FA PCMSC Monterey Bay, California, United States, Pacific Ocean
2016-659-FA PCMSC Monterey Bay, California, United States, Pacific Ocean
2016-660-FA PCMSC Monterey Bay, California, United States, Pacific Ocean
2016-676-FA PCMSC Ano Nuevo to Monterey Bay, California, United States, Pacific Ocean
2016-686-FA PCMSC Monterey Bay
2016-687-FA PCMSC Monterey Bay
2016-688-FA PCMSC Monterey Bay
2016-689-FA PCMSC Oregon
2016-690-FA PCMSC Santa Barbara
2017-033-FA WHCMSC Duck, NC, United States, Atlantic Ocean, Outer Banks
2017-623-FA PCMSC Monterey Bay
2017-624-FA PCMSC landslides in California
2017-645-FA PCMSC Monterey Bay
2017-646-FA PCMSC Monterey Bay
2017-647-FA PCMSC Monterey Bay
2017-651-FA PCMSC landslides in California
2017-653-FA PCMSC Monterey Bay
2017-654-FA PCMSC Monterey Bay
2017-655-FA PCMSC Monterey Bay
2017-656-FA PCMSC Monterey Bay
2017-657-FA PCMSC Big Sur (southern)
2017-658-FA PCMSC Santa Barbara
2017-697-FA PCMSC Big Sur (southern)
2017-698-FA PCMSC Big Sur (southern)
2017-699-FA PCMSC Carmel to Big Sur (Southern)
2017-701-FA PCMSC Monterey Bay
2017-702-FA PCMSC Santa Barbara
2017-703-FA PCMSC San Francisco to Monterey
2017-704-FA PCMSC Oregon
2018-618-FA PCMSC San Francisco to Big Sur (southern)
2018-619-FA PCMSC Montecito
2022-639-FA PCMSC Central California Coastline, California
96ACH02 SPCMSC North and South Carolina
96ACH05 SPCMSC Georgia and South Carolina
96ACH06 SPCMSC North and South Carolina
96LTS01 SPCMSC North Carolina
97ACH02 SPCMSC Duck, North Carolina
97LTS01 SPCMSC Virginia and North Carolina
97LTS04 SPCMSC California, Oregon, and Washington
98ACH01 SPCMSC Pinellas county, FL
98ACH05 SPCMSC North Carolina coast
98ACH06 SPCMSC Florida Keys
98LTS01 SPCMSC Assateague Island
98LTS02 SPCMSC Assateague Island
98LTS03 SPCMSC North Carolina
98LTS04 SPCMSC Gulf Islands
98LTS05 SPCMSC Northern Gulf of Mexico
98LTS08 SPCMSC Northeast US
99ACH03 SPCMSC North Carolina and Virginia
99ACH04 SPCMSC North and South Carolina
99LTS01 SPCMSC North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland
99LTS02 SPCMSC North Carolina
99LTS03 SPCMSC Virginia and Maryland
99LTS04 SPCMSC East Coast US
99LTS10 SPCMSC Texas
A106AK PCMSC North Slope of Alaska
A151OR PCMSC Oregon coast
A162OR PCMSC Oregon
A165OR PCMSC Oregon
A166OR PCMSC Oregon
A170AK PCMSC Beaufort Sea
A174AK PCMSC Chukchi Sea
A176BS PCMSC Northeast Bering Sea
A180AK PCMSC Alaska
A190CS PCMSC Alaska
A192CS PCMSC Alaska
A193CS PCMSC Alaska
A370SF PCMSC Cape Mendocino
A509AK PCMSC North slope of Alaska: Icy Cape to U.S. Canadian border
A7576AK PCMSC Northern Coast Alaska