Status Active
Photo Photograph of the platform
Platform type Vessel > Barge > Barge or Platform
USGS Center USGS, St. Petersburg Coastal and Marine Science Center (SPCMSC)
600 Fourth Street South
St. Petersburg, FL33701-4846
(727) 502-8000

Usage of this platform

Field activity Center Survey location and description
1996-305-FA SPCMSC Manatee Bay, Florida
1997-301-FA SPCMSC Biscayne Bay, Florida
2002-304-FA SPCMSC Biscayne Bay, Florida
2003-300-DD SPCMSC Biscayne Bay, Florida
2016-671-FA PCMSC San Pablo Bay, California
2017-313-FA SPCMSC Indian River Lagoon, Florida
2017-328-FA SPCMSC Indian River Lagoon, Florida
2017-334-FA SPCMSC Indian River Lagoon
2017-342-FA SPCMSC Indian River Lagoon, Florida
2018-657-DD PCMSC San Francisco Bay, California
2019-343-FA SPCMSC Tampa Bay, FL
2019-344-FA SPCMSC Tampa Bay, FL
2019-348-FA SPCMSC Mantee River/Tampa Bay, FL
93LCA01 SPCMSC Kingsley Lake, Orange Lake, Lowry Lake, Florida
94LCA01 SPCMSC Orange Lake, Florida
95KEY01 SPCMSC Florida Bay, Hawk Channel, Channel Five, Florida
96CCT02 SPCMSC Copano, Corpus Christi, and Nueces Bays and Corpus Christi Bayou, Texas
B100NC PCMSC Northern California
B146SF PCMSC California
B150SF PCMSC Richmond San Rafael Bridge
B152SF PCMSC Richmond San Rafael Bridge
B155SF PCMSC Richmond San Rafael Bridge
B165SF PCMSC Redwood City
B169SF PCMSC California
B186SP PCMSC South Pacific
B192RU PCMSC Russia
B196SF PCMSC San Francisco Bay
B205WA PCMSC Washington
B308FL PCMSC Blackwater Sound
B807FL PCMSC Blackwater Sound
W177NC PCMSC offshore Daly City and Golden Gate