Lidar for Science and Resource Management II

Dates 2012-10-01 to 2017-09-30
Keywords GR.15.MN00.F1KSC.00 - Suncook River-NH-23082 GX.15.MN00.F1K10.00 - LIDAR-Proj Info Mgmt GX.15.MN00.F1K20.00 - Lidar-EAARL ops GX.15.MN00.F1K30.00 - Lidar-Adv analysis methods GX.15.MN00.F1K40.00 - Lidar-track,mgt,valid,doc,rls
Number MN00F1K
Status Inactive
Center USGS, St. Petersburg Coastal and Marine Science Center

Data management plan

Collect new data? No
Use existing USGS data? No
Contract or donated data? No
Need new software or equipment? No
Time commitments, by task and pay periods
Data format Non-proprietary
Archive format Non-digital
Meaningful file names? No
Stored safe from damage? No
Avoiding single point of failure? No
Index of the data? No
Long-term format? No
Web page? No
Sharing restrictions? No
Deadline for sharing data? No