Hansen, Amalia S.

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Digital seafloor character data of the Gulf of Alaska from historical National Ocean Service (NOS) smooth sheets

This data release provides seafloor-characteristics point data across the Gulf of Alaska, as digitized directly from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) National Ocean Service (NOS) smooth sheets published from 1892 to 2001, and archived at the National Geophysics Data Center (NGDC). Geo-rectification and digitization methods were adapted from Zimmermann and Benson (2013). Each location includes information for the smooth sheet number (H#####), a unique site number location, latitude, ...

List of NOS smooth sheets used in USGS Gulf of Alaska Digitization Project

This table lists the NOS smooth sheets included in the associated shapefile (GulfofAlaskaDigitizationProject_NOSSeafloorCharacter.zip; N = 329, plus insets), the number of samples for each smooth sheet, the year of collection (1892 to 2001), and the smooth sheet scale (from 1:2,000 to 1:600,000). Smooth sheets are available through the National Geophysics Data Center’s online data portal (NDGC, http://www.ngdc.noaa.gov).