Metadata from the USGS Coastal and Marine Hazards and Resources Program

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There are 5,520 metadata records here.

Common geographic areas

Names and identifiers of commonly-known geographic areas including oceans, continents, countries, states and provinces in North America, counties in the United States, USGS map quadrangles, and hydrologic units, nested and cross-referenced by overlap.
Land (55 items)
Oceans (30 items)

USGS Thesaurus

Topics and methods of scientific study carried out by USGS, with product types, scientific disciplines, geologic time, and types of institutional structure and activities. Broad and shallow, used to help people find scientific information.
Institutional structures and activities (2 items)
Methods (3811 items)
Product types (3351 items)
Sciences (3551 items)
Time periods (59 items)
Topics (4661 items)
USGS business categories (1 items)

Alexandria Digital Library Feature Type Thesaurus

Types of named geographic features. Applicable also to many unnamed features but reflects the level of detail traditionally shown on maps, so some feature types specified in scientific studies may not be well represented here. Not highly specific.
Administrative areas (617 items)
Hydrographic features (84 items)
Manmade features (296 items)
Physiographic features (93 items)
Regions (21 items)

ISO 19115 Topic Category

General subjects for which geospatial data may be relevant. Few, broad terms.
Biota (136 items)
Boundaries (60 items)
ClimatologyMeteorologyAtmosphere (259 items)
Economy (2 items)
Elevation (1416 items)
Environment (1377 items)
Farming (1 items)
GeoscientificInformation (3558 items)
Health (8 items)
ImageryBaseMapsEarthCover (1344 items)
InlandWaters (416 items)
Location (1002 items)
Oceans (4464 items)
PlanningCadastre (1 items)
Society (1 items)
Structure (40 items)
Transportation (29 items)
UtilitiesCommunication (1 items)

Data Categories for Marine Planning

Categories spanning the breadth of information types required for ocean planning from a national, multidisciplinary perspective. Includes description, assessment, and prediction regarding governance, resources, uses, and infrastructure.
Data Content Subjects (1903 items)
Data Content Types (1212 items)

Marine Realms Information Bank (MRIB) keywords

Theme keywords from the former Marine Realms Information Bank, focusing on characteristics of coasts and oceans, processes acting on them, and human concerns about them.
Biota (15 items)
Coastal change hazards topics (794 items)
Discipline (1005 items)
Feature type (1905 items)
Hot topics (577 items)
Research method (1508 items)

Coastal and Marine Ecological Classification Standard

Categories of ecosystems for coastal, estuarine, and marine environments.
Aquatic Setting (644 items)
Biogeographic Setting (73 items)
Biotic (2 items)
Geoform (861 items)
Substrate (377 items)
Water Column (116 items)

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