Coastal and Marine Geology Data System


Cao, Shuang C. (3 items)
Chauveau, B. E. (1 items)
Chen, Yi-Leng (1 items)
Cheng, Hai (1 items)
Chin, John L. (26 items)
Chow, Kaitlyn (4 items)
Clahan, Kevin B. (12 items)
Clos, A. R. (13 items)
Cochrane, Guy R. (209 items)
Cohen, Anne (2 items)
Colman, John A. (33 items)
Condon, Dan (1 items)
Conrad, James E. (68 items)
Cooper, Alan K. (2 items)
Couch, S. (5 items)
Crocker, J. M. (48 items)
Cross, Scott (1 items)
Cross, VeeAnn A. (397 items)
Crusius, John (140 items)
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