Nichols, David R.

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USGS Cruise ALPH98013 Sidescan Sonar Data Files

This CD-ROM contains digital high resolution sidescan-sonar data collected during USGS cruise ALPH98013 aboard the F/V Alpha & Omega II. The coverage lies within the New York Bight Apex, offshore the Long Island and New Jersey coasts. This CD-ROM (Compact Disc-Read Only Memory) has been produced in accordance with the ISO 9660 CD-ROM Standard and is therefore capable of being read on any computing platform that has appropriate CD-ROM driver software installed. Access to the data and information contained on ...

USGS Seafloor Mapping ALPH 98013 Water Gun Data offshore of the New York - New Jersey metropolitan area, collected in 1998

This CD-ROM contains digital high resolution seismic reflection data collected during the USGS ALPH 98013 cruise. The coverage is the nearshore of the New York and New Jersey Apex. The seismic-reflection data are stored as SEG-Y standard format that can be read and manipulated by most seismic-processing software. Much of the information specific to the data are contained in the headers of the SEG-Y format files. The file system format is ISO 9660 which can be read with DOS, Unix, and MAC operating systems ...