Roark, E. Brendan

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Radiocarbon dating of deep-sea black corals collected off the southeastern United States

Results of radiocarbon dating of deep-sea (500 m to 700 m) black corals are presented. These corals were collected off the southeastern United States as part of the Southeastern United States Deep-Sea Corals (SEADESC) Initiative.

Sediment trap and water column chemistry, Baltimore Canyon, U.S. Mid-Atlantic Bight

Time-series of sediment chemistry, including organic biomarker composition and bulk inorganic geochemical analytes, from samples collected over a one-year period in a sediment trap. The sediment traps were deployed at a depth between 603 m to 1318 m, and they were programmed to rotate a 250 mL sample bottle at 30 d intervals, delivering 12 samples during the 1-year deployment between August 2012 and June 2013. In addition, dissolved water column nutrient concentrations and water column trace element ...