Assessing the Effectiveness of Nourishment in Decadal Barrier Island Morphological Resilience: Model Inputs and Outputs (Storm_95_Elevations_N)

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Description Using version 5527 of the XBeach numerical model (Roelvink and others, 2009), barrier island morphological change was simulated at Dauphin Island, Alabama (AL), for a 30-year forecast of multiple storms and sea level rise, considering scenarios of no-action and beach and dune nourishment as described in Passeri and others (2021). The two-dimensional XBeach model can be applied to barrier islands to solve for time-dependent topography and bathymetry. The XBeach model setup requires the input of topographic and bathymetric elevations at each grid cell. Model inputs and outputs in the form of topography and bathymetry at each grid cell are provided in this data release. For further information regarding model input generation and visualization of model output, refer to Passeri and others (2021). [More]
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