Estuarine Shoreline and Barrier-Island Sandline Change Assessment Dataset

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Description The Barrier Island and Estuarine Wetland Physical Change Assessment Dataset was created to calibrate and test probability models of barrier island sandline and estuarine shoreline change for study areas in Virginia, Maryland, and New Jersey. The models examined the influence of hydrologic and physical variables related to storm-derived overwash and estuarine shoreline change. Variables were calculated using a transect-based method in a geographic information system (GIS) by creating shoreline-perpendicular lines at regular intervals along the oceanfront shoreline and extrapolating the features from geospatial data, including lidar, bathymetry and aerial imagery. In addition, the dataset provides storm-derived barrier island change for Hurricane Sandy, as well as linear rates of change for long-term sandline and estuarine shorelines. [More]
Originators Terrano, Joseph F. and Smith, Kathryn E. L.

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ATM Coastal Topography–Alabama 2001, Mosaic: 1-m Resolution
ATM Coastal Topography–Alabama 2001, Mosaic: 1-m Resolution