Satellite-derived shorelines for the U.S. Atlantic coast (1984-2021)

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Description This dataset contains shoreline positions derived from available Landsat satellite imagery for five states (Delaware, Maryland, Viginia, Georgia, and Florida) along the U.S. Atlantic coast for the time period 1984 to 2021. An open-source toolbox, CoastSat (Vos and others, 2019a and 2019b), was used to classify coastal Landsat imagery and detect shorelines at the sub-pixel scale. Resulting shorelines are presented in KMZ format. Significant uncertainty is associated with the locations of shorelines in extremely dynamic regions, including at the locations of river mouths, tidal inlets, capes, and ends of spits. These data are readily viewable in Google Earth. For best display of results, it is recommended to turn off any 3D viewing. For technical users and researchers, data can be ingested into Global Mapper or QGIS for more detailed analysis. Similar shoreline positions for North Carolina and South Carolina are available from Barnard and others, 2023 at [More]
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