Shallow ATRIS (sATRIS) Images Crocker Reef, Florida, 2014

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Description Underwater digital images, single-beam bathymetry, and global positioning system (GPS) data were collected June 24-25, 2014, within a 1-kilkometer (km) x 1-km area around Crocker Reef in the Florida Keys, USA. A total of 91,206 images of the seafloor and water column were collected along pre-defined transect lines and organized into three sets: track1, track2, and track3. This data release contains a subset of those images (25,485 images), all of which were used for benthic habitat classification, and contain GPS data. The data were collected using the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) shallow Along-Track Reef-Imaging System (sATRIS), a boat-based, pole-mounted sensor package for mapping shallow-water benthic environments. Two other implementations exist, a towed system called Deep ATRIS and a profiling system called Drift ATRIS. All three ATRIS implementations incorporate a digital still camera and an acoustic depth sounder. [More]
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