Grain-Size and Data Analysis Results from Sediment Samples Collected at Crocker Reef, Florida, Between 2017 and 2019

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Description Sediment samples were collected from undisturbed sections of the seafloor around Crocker Reef, Florida. Crocker Reef is a barrier reef located in the northern portion of the Florida Reef Tract that has been classified by Kellogg and others (2015) as a senile or dead reef consisting of areas of sand and rubble with only scattered stony coral colonies. Samples were collected from November 2017 to April 2019 to help ground truth coincident instrumentation deployed during the same time interval, which was used to record various oceanic (currents, waves, turbidity, and pressure) time series datasets that would be used in subsequent analyses. All sediment samples were analyzed using a laser diffraction Coulter LS13 320 particle-size analyzer and sieves to measure the grain-size distribution of the sediments. [More]
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