Nearshore parametric wave setup future projections (2020-2050) for the U.S. Atlantic coast

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Description This dataset presents alongshore wave setup timeseries for three states (Virginia, Georgia, and Florida) along the U.S. Atlantic coast. Wave setup was modelled using parameterization for open coast sandy beaches as presented in Stockdon and others (2006). The parameterization relates onshore wave setup to offshore wave conditions and beach characteristics. Wave conditions were extracted at approximately the 10 m depth contour and reverse shoaled to the deep-water condition. These data were then matched to cross-shore transects spaced at approximately 1 km along the coastline. Beach slope at these transects were extracted from lidar (Doran and others, 2017) and temporally averaged across all available datasets. Waves were modelled using a global WAVEWATCHIII model forced by atmospheric forcing from the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP6) future period data. Data are provided for 6 CMIP6 models from the HighResMIP project (Haarsma and others, 2016). Output includes 1-hour wave setup provided at approximately 1,600 alongshore transects at approximately 1-5 km resolution. Data are available as csv files for each transect location and are bundled by state. The methodology used to produce this dataset is further detailed in Parker and others (2023) and similar modelled data for North Carolina and South Carolina are available from Barnard and others, 2023, at [More]
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