Benthic habitats of the coral reef ecosystem off the coast of Kaloko-Honokohau (KAHO) National Historical Park

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Description A benthic habitat polygon coverage has been created of the coral reef ecosystem within and adjacent to Kaloko-Honokohau (KAHO) National Historical Park on the Kona Coast of Hawai'i. Polygons were hand-digitized from visual interpretation of aerial photography and SHOALS bathymetry data. We also utilized in situ knowledge from towed instruments, underwater photography and videography, and diver and snorkeler observations. The polygons have attributes for Main Structure/Substrate, Dominant Structure/Substrate, Major Biological Cover, Percent of Major Biological Cover, Reef Zone, Unique ID, and measurements of Area (m2) of each polygon. [More]
Originators Gibbs, Ann E.

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gif image of habitat polygons
gif image of habitat polygons