Continuous and optimized 3-arcsecond elevation model for the United States west coast (32-bit GeoTiff, geographic, NAD83)

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Description Investigations of coastal change and coastal resources often require continuous elevation profiles from the seafloor to coastal terrestrial landscapes. Differences in elevation data collection in the terrestrial and marine environments result in separate elevation products that may not share a vertical datum. This data release contains the assimilation of multiple elevation products into a continuous digital elevation model at a resolution of 3-arcseconds (approximately 90 meters) from the terrestrial landscape to the seafloor for the contiguous U.S., focused on the coastal interface. All datasets were converted to a consistent horizontal datum, the North American Datum of 1983, but the native vertical datum for each dataset was not adjusted. Artifacts in the source elevation products were replaced with other available elevation products when possible, corrected using various spatial tools, or otherwise marked for future correction. [More]
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