Surface-sediment grain-size distributions of the Elwha River delta, Washington, January 2015

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Description This portion of the data release presents sediment grain-size data from samples collected on the Elwha River delta, Washington, in January 2015 (USGS Field Activity 2015-605-FA). Surface sediment was collected from 61 locations using a small ponar, or 'grab', sampler from the R/V Frontier in depths between about 1 and 17 m around the delta. A handheld global satellite navigation system (GNSS) receiver was used to determine the locations of sediment samples. The grain-size distributions of samples were determined using standard techniques developed by the USGS Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center sediment lab. The grain-size data are provided in a comma-delimited spreadsheet (.csv). [More]
Originators Stevens, Andrew W.; Gelfenbaum, Guy R.; Warrick, Jonathan A.; Miller, Ian M.; and Weiner, Heather M.

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