Folds--Offshore of Gaviota Map Area, California

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Description This part of DS 781 presents fold data for the geologic and geomorphic map of the Offshore of Gaviota map area, California. The vector data file is included in "," which is accessible from In the offshore part of the map area, closely-spaced seismic-reflection profiles image many shallow, west-northwest striking folds that have variable geometry, length, amplitude, continuity, and wavelength. The two longest folds, the 17-km-long Molino anticline and the 22-km-long Government Point syncline, are truncated by the south strand of the Santa Ynez fault to the west and east, respectively. These regionally extensive folds and many shorter, west-trending structures are probably rooted in blind thrusts and backthrusts in the hanging wall above the Pitas Point-North Channel fault system. [More]
Originators Hartwell, Stephen R.; Johnson, Samuel Y.; Davenport, Clifton W.; and Golden, Nadine E.

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Folds of Offshore of Gaviota map area
Folds of Offshore of Gaviota map area