Coral growth parameters, Kahekili, west Maui

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Description Surface runoff and submarine groundwater discharge in particular are known vectors to the coastal ocean of elevated nutrients and contaminants leading to eutrophication, algal overgrowth, and coral disease. Freshwater discharging directly from submarine groundwater vents off of Kahekili Beach Park, Kaanapali, in West Maui contains elevated nutrient concentrations and lower pH values. Coral cores were collected in July 2013 from the shallow reef at Kahekili in Kaanapali, West Maui, Hawaii from scleractinian Porites lobata to specifically addresses the relationship between coral reef health and compounding stressors from contaminated submarine groundwater discharge. [More]
Originators Prouty, Nancy G.; Yates, Kimberly K.; Smiley, Nathan A.; Gallagher, Christopher; Cohen, Anne; Storlazzi, Curt D.; Swarzenski, Peter W.; and White, Darla

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