Geomorphic habitat units derived from 2014 aerial imagery and elevation data for the Elwha River estuary, Washington

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Description Estuary geomorphic units delineated at a scale of 1:1500 using a combination of (a) 28 August 2014 0.15 meter resolution NPS Elwha PlaneCam aerial imagery; and (b) elevation-colored and hillshaded digital elevation models from USGS backpack/jetski topobathy surveys (5-8 September 2014) for areas < MHHW and aerial lidar surveys (7 November 2014) supplemented with NPS Elwha PlaneCam SfM photogrammetry data (30 September 2014) for elevations > MHHW.
Originators Warrick, Jonathan A.; Ritchie, Andrew C.; Foley, Melissa M.; Shafroth, Patrick B.; Bierne, Matthew M.; and Paradis, Rebecca

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