Coastal and Marine Ecological Classifcation Standard (CMECS) geoforms of the Oregon outer continental shelf (OCS) proposed wind farm site

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Description This polygon shapefile is part of a data release of the Oregon outer continental shelf (OCS) proposed wind farm map site. The polygons have attribute values for Coastal and Marine Ecological Classification Standard (CMECS) geoforms, substrate, and modifiers. CMECS is the U.S. government standard for marine habitat characterization and was developed by representatives from a consortium of federal agencies. The standard provides an ecologically relevant structure for biologic, geologic, chemical, and physical habitat attributes. This map illustrates the geoform and substrate components of the standard. The CMECS classes are documented at Please refer to Madden and others (2008) for more information regarding the CMECS. The polygons were derived by classifying multibeam echosounder bathymetry and backscatter collected in 2014; details and data are available in Cochrane and others (2015) and Cochrane and others (2017). [More]
Originators Cochrane, Guy R.

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