CoSMoS (Coastal Storm Modeling System) Southern California v3.0 Phase 2 coastal squeeze projections

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Description Projected coastal squeeze derived from CoSMoS Phase 2 shoreline change and cliff retreat projections. Projected coastal squeeze extents illustrate the available area between shoreline (mean high water; MHW) positions and man-made structures and barriers (referred to as non-erodible structures) or cliff-top retreat, as applicable, for a range of sea-level rise scenarios. The coastal squeeze polygons include results from the Coastal Storm Modeling System (CoSMoS) shoreline change (CoSMoS-COAST; Vitousek and others, 2017; available at and cliff retreat models (Limber and others, 2015; available at using future wave-climate conditions derived from Global Climate Models (GCMs). Coastal squeeze areas are identified and defined from combined model projections, using model scenarios where erosion was limited by non-erodible structures (for shoreline change models) and armoring (for cliff retreat models; both cliff and shoreline cases referred to as 'hold the line') and where no beach-nourishment was included. Coastal squeeze projections are defined for each sea-level rise scenario. Shoreline change and cliff retreat model details and data sources are outlined in CoSMoS_3.0_Phase_2_Southern_California_Bight:_Summary_of_data_and_methods (available at Phase 2 data for Southern California include information for the coast from the border of Mexico to Pt. Conception. Please read the Summary of methods and inspect output carefully. Data are complete for the information presented. [More]
Originators Barnard, Patrick; Erikson, Li H.; Foxgrover, Amy C.; O'Neill, Andrea C.; Lovering, Jessica; Limber, Patrick W.; and Vitousek, Sean F.

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