Multibeam bathymetry data collected in 2016 in Catalina Basin, southern California

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Description This part of the data release includes 10-m resolution multibeam-bathymetry data collected in 2016 in Catalina Basin, southern California. The data are presented as a TIFF image. In February 2016 the University of Washington in cooperation with the U.S. Geological Survey, Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center (USGS, PCMSC) collected multibeam bathymetry and acoustic backscatter data in Catalina Basin aboard the University of Washington's Research Vessel Thomas G. Thompson. Data were collected using a Kongsberg EM300 multibeam echosounder hull-mounted to the 274-foot R/V Thomas G. Thompson. The USGS, PCMSC processed these data and produced a series of bathymetric surfaces and acoustic-backscatter images for scientific research purposes. [More]
Originators Dartnell, Peter; Roland, Emily C.; Brothers, Daniel S.; Conrad, James E.; Raineault, Nicole A; Castillo, Christopher M.; Kane, Renato R.; Kluesner, Jared W.; and Walton, Maureen A. L.

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