Chirp seismic-reflection data of field activity 2015-651-FA; Chatham Strait and Cross Sound, southeastern Alaska from 2015-08-03 to 2015-08-21

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Description This data release contains high-resolution seismic reflection data collected in August of 2015 to explore marine geologic hazards of inland waterways of southeastern Alaska. Sub-bottom profiles were acquired in the inland waters between Glacier Bay and Juneau, including Cross Sound and Chatham Strait. High-resolution seismic-reflection profiles were acquired to assess evidence for active seabed faulting and submarine landslide hazards. The data were collected aboard the US Geological Survey R/V Alaskan Gyre. The seismic-reflection data were acquired using a tow-fish Edgetech 512 chirp subbottom profiler. Subbottom acoustic penetration spans up to several tens of meters, and is variable by location. This data release contains processed digital SEG-Y. This data release will be updated as subsequent lines of data from this field activity are published. [More]
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Field activities 2015-651-FA

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