Monthly bedload estimates, Elwha River, Washington, October 2015 to September 2016

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Description Bedload sediment transport was calculated on the Elwha River, Washington to measure the amount of sediment transported along the riverbed during the 2016 water year. Bedload was measured using the Elwha bedload impact plate system (Hilldale and others, 2015). Physical bedload sampling by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation for system calibration took place during November, 2012; March, May, and June 2013; and April 2014 at the Diversion Weir gauge (Magirl and others, 2015). Early in water year 2016 (year 5) the river formed an avulsion channel across the floodplain on river left, preventing a complete measurement of bedload passing the Diversion Weir gauge. As a result, bedload for water year 2016 (year 5 of the larger study) was estimated using a discharge rating curve to obtain monthly values. [More]
Originators Hilldale, Robert C.; Ritchie, Andrew C.; Curran, Christopher A.; Magirl, Christopher S.; Bountry, Jennifer A.; Randle, Timothy J.; and Duda, Jeffrey J.

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