Elevation point clouds of the north coast of Barter Island, Alaska acquired July 01 2014, September 07 2014, and July 05 2015 (LAZ file)

Online link https://cmgds.marine.usgs.gov/catalog/pcmsc/DataReleases/ScienceBase/DR_P9964TKX/BTI_LASPointCloud_metadata.faq.html
Description Six elevation point cloud files in LAZ format (compressed LAS binary data) are included in this data release: 3 raw point clouds of unclassified and unedited points and 3 modified point clouds that were spatially shifted and edited to remove outliers and spurious elevation values associated with moving water surfaces. An XYZ coordinate shift was applied to each data set in order to register the data sets to an earth-based datum established from surveyed ground control points. Points are unclassified and ground-reflected color values in the red-green-blue (RGB) schema are included. The horizontal coordinate system is WGS84, UTM Zone 7 North meters; vertical coordinates are relative to the WGS84 ellipsoid. Aerial photographs were collected from a small, fixed-wing aircraft over the coast of Barter Island Alaska on three separate dates: July 01 2014, September 07 2014, and July 05 2015. Precise aircraft position information and structure-from-motion photogrammetric methods were combined to derive high-resolution elevation point clouds. [More]
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