Minisparker seismic-reflection data collected southwest of Montague Island and southwest of Chenega, Alaska during field activity 2014-622-FA

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Description High-resolution single channel minisparker seismic-reflection data were collected by the U.S. Geological Survey and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game in May 2014 in southern Prince William Sound southwest of Chenega and from southwest of Montague Island, Alaska. Data were collected aboard the Alaska Department of Fish and Game vessel, R/V Solstice, during field activity 2014-622-FA, using a 500 Joule SIG 2-mille minisparker sound source and a single channel streamer and recorded with a Triton SB-Logger. [More]
Originators Balster-Gee, Alicia F.; Brothers, Daniel S.; Finlayson, David P.; Liberty, Lee; Dartnell, Peter; Hatcher, Gerald A.; Haeussler, Peter J.; and Byerly, Mike

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Index map of seismic lines
Index map of seismic lines