Transects_OpenOcean.shp - Digital Shoreline Analysis System version 4.3 Transects with Linear Regression Rate Calculations for the Open Ocean coast of Dauphin Island, Alabama.

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Description Rates of shoreline change for Dauphin Island, Alabama were generated for three analysis periods, using two different shoreline proxy datasets. Mean High Water line (MHW) shorelines were generated from 14 lidar datasets (1998-2014) and Wet Dry Line (WDL) shorelines were digitized from ten sets of georeferenced aerial images (1940-2015). Rates of change were generated for three groups of shorelines: MHW (lidar), WDL (aerial) and MHW and WDL shorelines combined. These data will aid in developing an understanding of the evolution of the barrier island position, size and shape as well as documenting spatially-variable patterns in erosion and accretion of different sections of the island. [More]
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