Digital elevation model (DEM) of the Cache Slough Complex, Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, California

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Description This metadata describes a digital elevation model (DEM) created from bathymetric and topographic data collected between 2004 and 2019 in the Cache Slough Complex (CSC), northern Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, California. We merged the newly collected bathymetric and topographic data presented in this data release (DOI:10.5066/P9AQSRVH) with 2019 surveys by the California Department of Water Resources (DWR), 2017 USGS Sacramento Delta Lidar, and 2004 bathymetry data from the Army Corp of Engineers. Small gaps of missing data were filled with existing DWR/USGS Delta DEMs to produce a seamless DEM of the Cache Slough Complex with a grid resolution of 1 m. Remaining gaps in the DEM are areas where there is currently no available data. [More]
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