Multichannel sparker seismic reflection data of USGS field activity 2018-658-FA collected between Cape Blanco and Cape Mendocino from 2018-10-04 to 2018-10-18

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Description This data release contains processed high-resolution multichannel sparker seismic-reflection (MCS) data that were collected aboard Humboldt State University’s R/V Coral Sea in October of 2018 on U.S. Geological Survey cruise 2018-658-FA on the shelf and slope between Cape Blanco, Oregon, and Cape Mendocino, California. MCS data were collected to characterize quaternary deformation and sediment dynamics along the southern Cascadia margin.
Originators Balster-Gee, Alicia F.; Kluesner, Jared W.; Watt, Janet T.; Hill, Jenna C.; Brothers, Daniel S.; Michalak, Melanie J.; and O'Shea, Daniel

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Index map of track lines
Index map of track lines