Conductivity, temperature and depth time-series data collected in 2011 in the vicinity of Arey Lagoon and Barter Island, Alaska

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Description Time-series measurements of waves, currents, water levels, sea surface temperatures, ocean salinity, and water, air, and ground temperatures were collected in July through September 2011 in and around Arey Lagoon, near Barter Island, Alaska. Directional wave spectra, currents, water levels, salinity, and bottom and surface water temperatures were measured with a bottom-mounted 1MHz Nortek AWAC, HOBO temperature loggers, and a Solinst Levelogger in ~5m water depth offshore of Arey Island. Within Arey Lagoon, a bottom-mounted frame equipped with a Nortek 1MHz Aquadopp, Solinst Levelogger, and HOBO temperature loggers measured currents, water levels, and water temperatures. Ground temperatures (maximum depth 3 meters below the surface), were measured with HOBO temperature loggers and EMS iButtons at incremental depths across a tundra bluff, within a wet sedge region, and on the Arey Island island surrounding Arey Lagoon. This metadata file describes the conductivity, temperature, and depth (CTD) measurements that were collected, and the salinity that was calculated from the conductivity. Data summaries and further details can be found in Erikson and others, 2020. [More]
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