Model parameter input files to study three-dimensional flow over coral reef spur-and-groove morphology

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Description This data set consists of physics-based Delft3D-FLOW and SWAN hydrodynamic models input files used to study the wave-induced 3D flow over spur-and-groove (SAG) formations. SAG are a common and impressive characteristic of coral reefs. They are composed of a series of submerged shore-normal coral ridges (spurs) separated by shore-normal patches of sediment (grooves) on the fore reef of coral reef environments. Although their existence and geometrical properties are well documented, the literature concerning the hydrodynamics around them is sparse. Here, the three-dimensional flow patterns over SAG formations, and a sensitivity of those patterns to waves, currents, and SAG geometry were examined. Shore-normal shoaling waves over SAG formations were shown to drive two circulation cells: 1) a cell on the lower fore reef with offshore flow over the spur and onshore flow over the groove, except near the seabed where velocities were always onshore; and 2) a cell on the upper fore reef with offshore surface velocities and onshore bottom currents, which result in depth-averaged onshore and offshore flow over the spurs and grooves, respectively. These input files accompany the modeling conducted for the following publication: da Silva, R.F., Storlazzi, C.D., Rogers, J.S., Reyns, J., and McCall, R., 2020, Modeling three-dimensional flow over spur-and-groove morphology: Coral Reefs, [More]
Originators da Silva, Renan F.; Storlazzi, Curt D.; Rogers, Justin S.; Reyns, Johan; and McCall, Robert T.

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