Polygon shapefile of data sources used to create a bathymetric terrain model of multibeam sonar data collected between 2005 and 2018 along the Queen Charlotte Fault System in the eastern Gulf of Alaska from Cross Sound, Alaska to Queen Charlotte Sound, Canada. (Esri polygon shapefile, UTM 8 WGS 84)

Online link https://cmgds.marine.usgs.gov/catalog/whcmsc/SB_data_release/DR_P9YGDHIQ/QueenCharlotteFault_Regional_Bathymetry_Source_meta.faq.html
Description This data publication is a compilation of six different multibeam surveys covering the previously unmapped Queen Charlotte Fault offshore southeast Alaska and Haida Gwaii, Canada. These data were collected between 2005 and 2018 under a cooperative agreement between the U.S. Geological Survey, Natural Resources Canada, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The six source surveys from different multibeam sonars are combined into one terrain model with a 30-meter resolution. A complementary polygon shapefile records the extent of each source survey in the output grid. [More]
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