Orthoimagery of Eastern Dry Rocks coral reef, Florida, 2021

Online link https://cmgds.marine.usgs.gov/catalog/pcmsc/DataReleases/CMGDS_DR_tool/DR_P93RIIG9/SQUID5_EDR_2021_Ortho_5mm_metadata.faq.html
Description A seabed orthoimage was developed from underwater images collected at Eastern Dry Rocks coral reef near Key West, Florida, in May 2021 using the SQUID-5 camera system. The underwater images were processed using Structure-from-Motion (SfM) photogrammetry techniques. The orthoimage covers a rectangular area of seafloor approximately 800x160 meters (0.12 square kilometers) in size, and it was created using image-mosaicking methods and saved as a tiled, 5-mm resolution raster.
Originators Hatcher, Gerald A.; Kranenburg, Christine J.; Warrick, Jonathan A.; Bosse, Stephen T.; Zawada, David G.; Yates, Kimberly K.; and Johnson, Selena A.

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