Model parameter input files to compare effects of stream discharge scenarios on sediment deposition and concentrations around coral reefs off west Maui, Hawaii

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Description This dataset consists of physics-based Delft3D model and Delwaq model input files used in modeling sediment deposition and concentrations around the coral reefs of west Maui, Hawaii. The Delft3D models were used to simulate waves and currents under small (SC1) and large (‘SC2’) wave conditions for current stream discharge (‘Alt1’) and stream discharge with watershed restoration (‘Alt3’). Delft3D model results were subsequently used as forcing conditions for Delwaq models to simulate sediment transport and dispersion. The Delwaq models were used to simulate sediment transport and concentrations under the same two wave and stream discharge scenarios. The Delwaq models were run using forcing conditions generated by the corresponding Delft3D models. These input files accompany the modeling conducted for the following publication: Storlazzi, C.D., Cheriton, O.M., Cronin, K.M., van der Heijden, L.H., Winter, G., Rosenberger, K.J., Logan, J.B., and McCall, R.T., 2023, Observations of coastal circulation, waves, and sediment transport along West Maui, Hawaiʻi (November 2017–March 2018), and modeling effects of potential watershed restoration on decreasing sediment loads to adjacent coral reefs: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2022–1121, 73 p., [More]
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