Northern California cross-shore transects for CoSMoS 3.2

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Description Cross-shore transects (CSTs) developed for Coastal Storm Model (CoSMoS) work in Northern California 3.2 are presented. 3,528 CSTs are numbered consecutively from 8067 at Golden Gate Bridge to 11,594 at the California/Oregon state border. Each of the profiles extend from the approximate -15 m isobath to at least 10 m above NAVD88 (truncated in cases where a lagoon or other waterway exists on the landward end of the profile), and are spaced approximately 100-250 m apart.
Originators Foxgrover, Amy C.; Erikson, Li H.; O'Neill, Andrea C.; Barnard, Patrick; Limber, Patrick W.; Thomas, Jennifer A.; and Vitousek, Sean F.

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