Tile index for Alaska coastal orthoimagery and elevation data: Icy Cape to Cape Prince of Wales, 2016

Online link https://cmgds.marine.usgs.gov/catalog/pcmsc/DataReleases/ScienceBase/DR_P9PGJNE9/Tile_Index_metadata.faq.html
Description This part of the data release presents a shapefile that includes a spatial index of orthoimagery and elevation data describing the Alaskan coastline from Icy Cape to Cape Prince of Wales. The data products referenced in this index include orthoimagery, digital surface models, and elevation point clouds which were generated from aerial imagery using structure-from-motion methods. Fairbanks Fodar, a contracted mapping service, collected the aerial imagery in 2016 and created all of the data products referenced here. Due to the enormous extent of this dataset, the products are split into separate files with more manageable sizes. Each polygon in this shapefile index provides a geographic outline of a data file’s coverage, corresponding file name, and data type. Additionally, the orthoimagery and digital surface model files include a link to stream the file using any software that supports access to cloud optimized geotiffs (COGs). [More]
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