Sound Velocity Profiles collected in Nantucket Sound Massachusetts in the vicinity of Horseshoe Shoal, during USGS Field Activity 2022-001-FA using AML-3 LGR or AML Minos-X CTDSV sensors (PNG images, SVP text, and ESRI point shapefile, GCS WGS 84)

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Description In June 2022, the U.S. Geological Survey, in collaboration with the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management, collected high-resolution geophysical data, in Nantucket Sound to understand the regional geology in the vicinity of Horseshoe Shoal. This effort is part of a long-term collaboration between the USGS and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to map the State’s waters, support research on the Quaternary evolution of coastal Massachusetts, resolve the influence of sea-level change and sediment supply on coastal evolution, and strengthen efforts to understand the type, distribution, and quality of subtidal marine habitats. This collaboration produces high-resolution geologic data that serve the needs of research, management, and the public. Data collected as part of this mapping cooperative continue to be released in a series of USGS Open-File Reports and Data Releases [More]
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