Archive of Datasonics SIS-1000 Chirp Subbottom Data Collected During USGS Cruise DIAN 97011 Long Island, NY Inner Shelf -- Fire Island, NY, 5-26 May, 1997

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Description This CD-ROM contains digital high resolution seismic reflection data collected during the USGS DIAN 97011 cruise. The coverage is the nearshore of Long Island, NY in the vicinity of Fire Island. The seismic-reflection data are stored as SEG-Y standard format that can be read and manipulated by most seismic-processing software. Much of the information specific to the data are contained in the headers of the SEG-Y format files. The file system format is ISO 9660 which can be read with DOS, Unix, and MAC operating systems with the appropriate CD-ROM driver software installed. [More]
Originators Schwab, William C.

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