GrandBay_ValidationPeriod_Wave_WaterLevel: Modeling the Effects of Interior Headland Restoration on Estuarine Sediment Transport Processes in a Marine-Dominant Estuary: Delft3D Model Output

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Description The effects of interior headland restoration on estuarine sediment transport processes are assessed through process-based numerical modeling. Three proposed interior headland restoration scenarios in the Grand Bay estuary (Mississippi/Alabama) are modeled using Delft3D (developed by Deltares) to understand impacts on suspended sediment concentrations, bed level morphology and sediment fluxes under present-day conditions and a sea level rise of 0.5 meters (m). Delft3D model output of suspended sediment concentrations (SSC), sediment fluxes, initial and final bed levels, and hydrodynamic data are included in this dataset. Model output from six scenarios (comprised of three restoration (R) alternatives and two sea level (SL) conditions) as forced by 18 climatological wind and wave forcing conditions are included in this data release (Jenkins and others, 2023a). For further information regarding model input generation, set up, and analysis, refer to Jenkins and others (2023b). [More]
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