Seafloor character--Offshore of Refugio Beach, California

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Description This part of SIM 3319 presents the seafloor-character map (see sheet 7) offshore of Refugio Beach, California (raster data file is included in "," which is accessible from http://pubs.usgs.ov/ds/781/OffshoreRefugioBeach/data_catalog_OffshoreRefugioBeach.html). This raster-format seafloor-character map shows five substrate classes of Offshore of Refugio Beach, California. The substrate classes mapped in this area have been divided into the following California Marine Life Protection Act depth zones: Depth Zone 2 (intertidal to 30 m); Depth Zone 3 (30 to 100 m); and Depth Zone 4 (100 to 200 m). In addition, the following slope classes are represented on this map (Coastal and Marine Ecological Classification Standard slope zones are shown in parentheses): Slope Class 1, 0° to 5° (flat) and Slope Class 2, 5° to 30° (sloping). Depth Zone 1 (intertidal); Depth Zone 5 (greater than 200 m); Slope Class 3, 30° to 60° (steeply sloping); and Slope Class 4, 60° to 90° (vertical) are not present in this map area. The map is created using a supervised classification method described by Cochrane (2008), available at References Cited: California Department of Fish and Game, 2008, California Marine Life Protection Act master plan for marine protected areas; Revised draft: California Department of Fish and Game, accessed April 5 2011, at Cochrane, G.R., 2008, Video-supervised classification of sonar data for mapping seafloor habitat, in Reynolds, J.R., and Greene, H.G., eds., Marine habitat mapping technology for Alaska: Fairbanks, University of Alaska, Alaska Sea Grant College Program, p. 185-194, accessed April 5, 2011, at Sappington, J.M., Longshore, K.M., and Thompson, D.B., 2007, Quantifying landscape ruggedness for animal habitat analysis--A case study using bighorn sheep in the Mojave Desert: Journal of Wildlife Management, v. 71, p. 1419-1426. [More]
Originators Phillips, Eleyne L.; Erdey, Mercedes D.; Cochrane, Guy R.; Johnson, Samuel Y.; Dartnell, Peter; Golden, Nadine E.; Ritchie, Andrew C.; Krigsman, Lisa M.; Dieter, Bryan E.; Conrad, James E.; Greene, H. Gary; Seitz, Gordon G.; Endris, Charles. A.; Sliter, Ray W.; Wong, Florence L.; Gutierrez, Carlos I.; Yoklavich, Mary M.; Draut, Amy E.; and Hart, Patrick E.

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